Los Angeles Wilshire Courtyard Playground Renovation Completed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

Wilshire Courtyard Playground
Los Angeles Playground Renovation: Pacific Play Systems Completes Multi-Faceted Wilshire Courtyard Playground Renovation Project

Los Angeles Playground Renovation: Pacific Play Systems Completes Multi-Faceted Wilshire Courtyard Playground Renovation Project

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. has just completed its most recent project in Los Angeles, Wilshire Courtyard playground renovation project. Wilshire Courtyard’s older, existing playground was beginning to show obvious signs of wear and tear so the apartment complex decided to renovate the entire play area. Wilshire Courtyard partnered with the local, Southern California-based commercial playground equipment company Pacific Play Systems to complete the project. For the apartment complex, Pacific Play furnished and installed a new Playcraft play system and new freestanding Playcraft playground equipment.

Wilshire Courtyard’s new Playcraft playground contains a variety of exciting features expertly custom-designed by the Pacific Play design team to fit into the site’s irregular and narrow space. With a natural forest-themed color scheme, and accessible to children ages 2-12, Wilshire Courtyard’s new play system contains a variety of elevated and ground-level panels, multiple climbing ladders, a full “Clubhouse” providing imaginative play and socialization opportunities, and a large six-foot-high Poly Wave Slide. Additionally, two ten-foot Playcraft Square Shade Canopies sit atop the playground to provide extensive sun and heat protection during those hot Los Angeles summer days.

Just next to the play system Pacific Play installed a new freestanding Playcraft tri-panel system featuring an Abacus Panel, Dual Driver Panel, and Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, as well as one freestanding Spin Max Pod. The Spin Max Pod, a brand new product from Playcraft Systems, is a partially enclosed, 360 degrees spinning pod-shaped structure that provides both play and rest opportunities for multiple children at once.

Besides the new playground and freestanding play equipment, the scope of work for the Los Angeles Wilshire Courtyard playground renovation project also featured a variety of site work. Pacific Play’s experienced installers removed Wilshire Courtyard’s existing playground equipment, swing set, and one tree that would have otherwise obstructed safety use zone requirements of the new playground equipment. Additionally, Pacific Play installers removed and disposed of the site’s existing sand surfacing to make way for new poured-in-place rubberized surfacing—and removed the site’s existing fencing so new fencing could be installed.

Being a full-service one stop shop commercial playground equipment company, Pacific Play furnished and installed approximately 1,100 square feet of new three-inch-thick poured-in-place rubberized surfacing for Wilshire Courtyard, including new concrete sub-base beneath the rubberized surfacing. Pacific Play also furnished and installed 160 linear feet of new commercial quality fencing at four and five feet high with a gate. And finally, Pacific Play provided the Los Angeles Wilshire Courtyard playground with two new six-foot-long Playcraft “Weather Buster” benches to provide plenty of comfortable seating around the play area.

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