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Willow Creek

Willow Creek Age Group: 5-12

The Ship

The Ship Age Group: 5-12


Discovery Age Group: 5-12

State Street

State Street Age Group: 5-12


Ladera Age Group: 5-12

Santa Fe Hills Park Santa Fe Hills Park - 2nd view     Santa Fe  Age Group: 2-12
Clear View

Clear View Age Group: 5-12

Knob Hill  Knob Hill - 2nd view     Knob Hill Age Group: 2-12
Escondido Highlands Escondido Highlands - 2nd view    Escondido Age Group: 2-12 
Saburo Muraoka Elementary School Saburo Muraoka Elementary School - 2nd view Saburo Muraoka      Age Group: 2-12 
The Meadowood Community 

The Meadowood Age Group: 2-12

Evangelical Formosan Church of O.C.  

Evangelical Formosan   Age Group: 5-12

Windmere HOA

Windmere  Age Group: 5-12

Mac Arthur Park Elementary School  Mac Arthur Park Elementary School - 2nd view Mac Arthur   Group: 5-12
Dehesa School Dehesa School          Dehesa      Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 45′ x 28′
Enchan Enchan         Enchan   Age Group: 2-12 Use Zone: 38′ x 28′
Child-Primary-school Child-Primary-school  Child Primary  Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 32′ x 39′
Desert Center Desert Center Desert Center Age Group: 2-12
First-Baptist First-Baptist    First Baptist   Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 34′ x 48′
Jason Mack Jason Mack Los Angeles AFB   Age Group: 5-12  Use Zone: 30′ x 39′
Laurel Creek Laurel Creek        O’Farrell   Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 35′ x 51′
San-Elijo San-Elijo       San Elijo   Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 36′ x 50′
San-Pedro San-Pedro      San Pedro   Age Group: 5-12 Use Zone: 26′ x 33′
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