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Pacific Play Systems provides design and installation of TREKFIT Outdoor Fitness Equipment throughout Southern California.

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Outdoor fitness equipment from TREKFIT and installed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. at playground sites promotes physical health and the community at large. 

TREKFIT develops state-of-the-art solutions for active communities that value the well-being of their neighbors through healthy lifestyles, harmonious integration and universal accessibility. Their fitness solutions are brought to life by a qualified, interdisciplinary team composed of kinesiologists, designers, architects and engineers. Pacific Play Systems installs TREKFIT outdoor fitness equipment to bring the very best in physical activity to your neighborhood. 

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Design and Installation Service

We are a full-service outdoor fitness equipment company and our goal has always been to provide our customers with the very best fitness equipment at the most competitive prices, coupled with exceptional customer service throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

State-of-the-art fitness circuit equipment from TREKFIT offers residents the opportunity to burn the most amount of calories within the least amount of time. Not only do users experience an optimal fitness environment, TREKFIT’s fitness circuit equipment blends in seamlessly with both natural and urban settings. Circuit equipment includes push-up bars, parallel bars, rope climbing, monkey bars, pull-up bars, vault bars, dip stations, balance beams, step benches, long benches and hurdles. Pacific Play Systems will design and install a series of fitness circuits to suit your needs.

TREKFIT offers whole-body workouts with the use of only a single bench through their Benchfit workout circuits. Spread throughout cities and parks, benches provide people of all ages a variety of exercises – and TREKFIT offers the programs they need to get fit with a single park bench. There are four Benchfit training programs available: Enduro, Vitalia, Playground and Flexor. Enduro is the most intense workout designed for users in good fitness. Vitalia is designed for senior citizens and people who want a gentle workout. The Playground circuit is specialized for women and can be exercised while minding one’s own children. Flexor is designed for improvement in flexibility and the strengthening of core muscles.

Pacific Play Systems provides installation of calisthenic racks for the benefit of your entire community. Designed by TREKFIT, the calisthenic outdoor equipment allows users to train one’s own body weight in a manner that is simple, yet effective. Pacific Play Systems installs these racks anywhere ranging from parks to playground areas.

Pacific Play Systems installs obstacle courses fit for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Designed by TREKFIT, these obstacle challenges enhance the community with physical engagement through welcome challenge. The latest offerings from TREKFIT include the Bamboo Jungle, the Cargo Net, the Climbing Wall and the Crossing of Giants. The Bamboo Jungle gives users the exhilarating experience of exercising atop jungle bamboo stalks while in the safety of their neighborhood. The Cargo Net lets users experience a boot-camp style climbing net that is twisted in different inversions offering climbers different climbing experiences. The Climbing Wall offers several climb difficulties so that climbers of all experience levels can boulder the way they choose. The Crossing of Giants tests balance, flexibility and agility by way of jumping from one stump to another.

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