Chula Vista Playground Facility Completed By Pacific Play Systems

Kids on the Go Playground With Swings and Merry-Go-Rounds
Kids on the Go Custom Playcraft Tower Playground With Swings and Merry-Go-Round

Pacific Play Announces the Completion of the Chula Vista Playground Facility for Kids on the Go!

Carlsbad playground equipment leader, Pacific Play, announces the completion of the Kids on the Go, Inc. Chula Vista playground facility, located at the Otay Ranch Town Center mall. With the completion of their new playground, Kids on the Go is scheduled to open their new facility sometime in December, offering a unique perspective to childcare in a family-friendly environment, capable of offering long term child care to the surrounding communities as well as catering to parents wanting to drop off their children for a few hours of fun play while shopping at the mall.

“This is a unique playground”, says Alex Bemanian, a company representative who has been involved with the project from the beginning. The owners of Kids on the Go wanted a unique playground with a tall central tower element that stood out and could be seen from different areas of the mall. So, the design team at the factory created a custom design for them that included a central tower consisting of two colorful spiral tube slides coming off of a 13’ high deck with a multi-color steel rooftop. Several climbers as well as a 6’ high dual express slide were added to the lower part of the tower. Then, the lower part of the tower was connected to a series of decks on the other side of the playground via a net link bridge….. Other play components for this part of the playground include four different twister slides, a cork screw climber, a disc climber, a disc pole climber, stacked loop climber and more. Several ground level components such as a winding crawl tube, talk tubes and seating were added below the main deck of the tower to complete the impressive structure.

Custom Tower Play Structure Supplied by Pacific Play Systems, Inc., Carlsbad, CA
Playcraft Custom 5″ OD Tower Play Structure Supplied by Pacific Play Systems, Inc., Located Carlsbad, CA for Kids on the Go!

Other ground level components, intended for younger children include four swings with two belt seats and two bucket seats for the toddlers as well as a merry-go-round which will no doubt be a big hit for children of all ages! The playground is surrounded with a 6’ high decorative fence which was supplied by the owner and engineered wood fibers were used as a playground surface throughout the site. Pacific Play Systems has completed installation of several similar structures at other locations within Southern California during the past three years.


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